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On 30st November, we held our first public party in cooperation with C3 and e-toy -- Grooverider C and CJ B2MeN was playing at the T.H.E S.A.F.E.T.Y D.A.N.C.E party held for International AIDS Day in Club Capella in Budapest. Palotai Zsolt was a special guest for a slot.

In December we started the Fresh Jam radio show -- a three hours long show dedicated to British and American dance music every Thursday evening. The 3-hour programme was divided into several segments. The first hour, Funkytown, was dedicated to the black and polyrhythmic music -- from hip-hop to drum'n'bass. Then it was followed by 90 minutes of dancefloor stuff. This segment could include anything from acid to garage. Specials on labels, artists or remixers are also featured in this section. The last half hour was filled by a non-stop mix of local talents, published mixes or specially recorded DJ sets. Often the programme was taken over by a DJ playing live, mostly from Budapest, whose DJ set crowned the night.

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